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  • I am preparing to take the CWTS exam next month, do you have any advice.

  • By (Deleted User)

    [list=1][*]Start with the exam objectives[/*]
    [*]Read the Sybex study guide cover to cover[/*]
    [*]Use the practice tests and read every explanation.[/*]
    [*]Take the exam before Aug 30 so you'll get a free retake if you don't pass!![/*][/list]

  • Thanks Kevin

  • Salah
    I have recently sat the CWTS and the way I prepared for it worked for me and it may give you some ideas.

    First I did exactly as Kevin suggests and read thouroughly the exam objectives.
    Next I read the book from cover to cover and then using the Sybex test engine and flash cards I tested myself on all the questions without checking the study guide until I had completed all the questions.

    This way I had an idea of what I had retained and where my weak areas were in relation to the objectives, I made notes using the answers supplied and re-read the study guide.

    I ensured that I left a sufficient period of time before attempting any of the test questions from the guide or from the CWNP practice exams, this way I made sure that I was not just memorising the questions and answers.

    I initially intended to go direct to the CWNA certification and purchased the Train Signal CWNA DVD by Ed Lieberman and used this learning device as often as I could, but decided to attempt the CWTS exam first.
    I wanted to get a taste of the exam scenario again as it had been a number of years since I had been in that situation. If you intend to progress to the CWNA certification I highly reccommend geting the DVD.

    It made me more confident of achieving the first goal of obtaining the CWTS and I feel that the CWNA is much closer to being obtained.

    The week before my exam I went back to the test exams and flash cards and compared my results from the previous attempt and again identified any weak spots and re-read the relevant sections of the study guide.

    As for the exam make sure that you arrive in plenty of time to read your notes and relax before even entering the building, try and relax in the test room, easier said than done I know but try your best.

    Read the Exam questions very carefully and read ALL of the available answers, try not to rush but keep in mind your time limit for the exam.

    I wish you luck and let us know how you get on.


  • By (Deleted User)

    Good solid advice Yogi!


  • I agree with Yogi's advice, and also would encourage anyone preparing for CWNA to get the DVD set with Ed Liberman. I did the CWTS as well in March, and hope to write CWNA sometime in June. I have an exam scheduled, hoping the only change I may need to make is to write it sooner.

  • Good luck on your exams Salah let us know how it goes, I hav eyet to take the CWNP certs and the exam interface will be a new experience, I will have to try to not let that phase me when I do mine

  • Hey Pete,

    From what I've seen so far, after doing your Cisco certs, I don't think you'll find anything difficult with the CWNP test format.

  • study the smith very well and concern with spectrum

  • Thanks everyone, I pass the CWTS today.

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