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    I just had a wild idea. Actually kind of mundane.

    My wife loses her keys with some frequency.

    Hmm.... RFID Keyfob and a few well placed sensors around the house.

    Just to break the ice.

    Anyone using it in the enterprise yet?

  • Ive done a few implementations Darby, I did have an idea for an RFID dog collar myself but hey!

    Whats on your mind

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    Saw some kits on ebay and thought it might be interesting to setup around the house.

  • RFID itself is not used for location tracking, unless something has changed significantly. RFID tags must travel through a "choke point", which is an RF transmitter before they are triggered.

    Well, I guess it could be an active (battery powered) tag, but even then, the location tracking mechanisms aren't very exact, quite a lot like Wi-Fi.

    Darby, do you have a link to the kits on eBay?


  • Yeah traditional RFID in the supply chain markets requires exciters to cause the tags to emit RF enry and usually operate at quite low frequencies, typically around 450, 850 and 900 MHz and is used for counting and positioning. 1000 tins of beans go through a chokepoint and are logged as in stock, or someone can verify the 1000 tins of beans are there with a hand held scanner.

    This also operates at very short ranges typically 1-2 metres.

    For RFID using 2.4GHz you will need a location appliance or MSE and the WCS which you have. Now you can utilise any active device like a laptop as it senses these or active tags. The MSE supports 2 methods of location RSS and TDoA, the location appliance supports only RSS.

    Location fidelity is 90% within 10m 50% within 5m.However I have seen claims of considerably better figures, the accuracy depends onhow well the RF environment is setup and fingerprinted.

    The Location appliance is the weapon of choice on the CCIE and involves tag configuration and location appliance synchronisation.

    For the value that it would add against cost I would cver tis with rack rental same as other section but I dont see any value with regards to the CWNP program.

    Maybe being aware of the technology and different approaches and an understanding of what the two different RFID approaches are trying to achieve from a supply chain and wireless perspective.

    Equally many clients do not want the granularity of 10m location they just want to know device x is in building y such as warehousing knowing a crate has arrived and is no longer in site A but has arrived in site B

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