• Well if the CWTS practice questions are anything like the CWNA, I would say you are doing great. I never sat for the CWTS but I just passed the CWNA today!! Thanks to CWNP Folks and the Second Shot!! I failed the first attempt. I was doing well on all the practice questions in the Sybex book and did all the flash cards as well. I started working on the CWNA practice tests purchased from CWNP and had some frightening scores. WLANMAN is correct when he said, ?You must be exact in your answers.? I think this was one of the trickiest tests I have done to date. Oh, and unlike many other vendor tests, you can?t mark and move on only to try and glean something later. With CWNP tests, you cannot move to the next one until you answer the question. So this makes it tough, you either know it, or you don?t. I think the practice tests from CWNP will test the depth of your knowledge. If you are scoring well on those, you should do fine. I am now working towards the CWSP and yes, just got my CWSP practice tests to go along with the Sybex books, whitepapers etc? Would like to say WLANMAN is correct in know the terms!! Know the objectives. Review some of the whitepapers on this site, all will help. Funny, now when I read something or hear someone talking about 802.11g or 802.11n, in my head, I am thinking ERP-OFDM (clause 19) or HT (clause 20). Good luck, I think you will do great?

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