• Hi,

    I would like someone to confirm what a friend told me :

    An Access Point supporting 802.11g, but forced to only use the 5.5M and 11M data rates would not have to care about 802.11b Wireless clients and the protection mechanism between b and g clients.

    Is he right ?

    I understand that 802.11g use ERP-OFDM and 802.11b clients use HR-DSSS, but I' m not sure if forcing the data rate of 802.11g would not mess with 802.11b clients.

    Hope that someone can help me to clarify this point.


  • during protection mode , is it CTS/RT or RTS/CTS ( from client to AP, then AP responce)...?

    what if you have AP1 : pure G , no backup to 802.11b...
    and , another AP:2 next door in mixed mode or 802.11b AP ...

    how this issue with be resolved, as neigh AP with cause interference to pure-G.?

    one option i can think of channel changing b/w 1,6,11 ....but what if all 3 ch are overloaded.....?


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