• Hello All,

    This is my first post in this forum! I wanted let everyone know I passed the CWTS exam on Friday 8/20 and could not have done it without the excellent materials provided by CWNP and this forum! I studied for about 2 months for the CWTS exam and I am glad my efforts did not go to waste. To prepare for the CWTS, I read the book twice, answered all of the exam objectives, and used all the practice tests available on this site as well as the two extra exams on the CD. I used the exam objectives as my review sheets, which helped immensely . The test I thought was very straight forward and was not tricky or cryptic. I actually thought I scored better than the 80 I received but anyway a pass is a pass. Good luck to those of you who are preparing or are ready to take this test.

  • Congratulations Techguy.

    80 is a great score, don't sell yourself short.

    Yeah, it always takes me about two readings too - on the second pass I make my own flash cards.

    Again, congratulations

  • By (Deleted User)

    techguy3610 - congratulations! Well done. Thanks for sharing your study prep. On to CWNA?

  • Congratulations, techguy3610!


  • Thanks everyone for the congrats!


    I do plan to move on to the CWNA and hope I have the success I had with the CWTS!

  • Hi everyone, I passed the CWTS on 8/19/2010. Thank you all for your help.

  • Hi All,

    Please i am presently planning for the CWTS exam and i am in need of the Study Guide and also also the materials to use for this exam.

    Kindly assist me forum.


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