• I have a question regarding the time it takes to register exam results after passing a CWNP exam. I passed my CWTS exam on 8/20/10 and read on the exam report to allow 10 days for the testing center to send the test results to CWNP. I would like to know if that is 10 business days or just 10 days in general? The FAQ question 22 under "Exam Results and Candidate Records" says "It normally takes 10-15 days for your exam results to be transmitted from Pearson VUE to CWNP" but is that business days or 10-15 days in general? Sorry, maybe I am being impatient. I just would like to add this certification to my resume knowing my certification is official.


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    Good (and frequent) question. We sync our databases with VUE's databases on (or about) the 1st and 16th of each month. Sometimes, a record or two for some reason does not make it from VUE to CWNP. It happens all the time. If you took your exam on 8/20/2010, then you should have received an email on 9/1 that says we have your VUE exam records, login and register them.

    That said, we send that email to the email that VUE gave us. So if they gave us your email from 2 jobs ago because that's the last email you gave them, then you might not get that email.

    Lesson: make sure your email in your account at VUE is valid and up to date.

    I hope this helps.

  • Thank you for the information. I checked my PearsonVUE account and my email address is current. I also checked my email and I received the email (regarding my exam results) from you yesterday. The email was in my spam folder.

    Thanks again

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