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  • Quality of Service. The basics of QOS are important to understand for Voice Over Wi-Fi etc.

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  • Some really good videos from the ever-excellent Kevin Wallace, one of the best instructors on the planet (IMHO). Packed with loads of ?stuff? for anyone involved in Wi-Fi, R+S and just about anything that concerns voice, video, data etc. This and Jerome Henry?s channel are my two personal favorites.

    Some of them took a while to load/play for me. Patience and/or downloading will be well rewarded:

    For a general background on QOS, the following is one of my favorites. Have been using it to study for CCVP:

    Although not ?Wi-Fi? specific, it contains a lot of useful info for anyone involved with 802.11e/WMM etc. It is written by Wendell Odom. I?ve read just about everything he has written and have enjoyed all of it ( a rare statement to be made about most QOS books?..there being a huge gap in many cases between ?reading for exams? and actually enjoying it?)


  • hi dave am not able to PM u...

    plz can u help me on this

    "i need some advice and solution. my friend have a food court and want to offer internet access to its customer and buyers.

    i need to know that hardware and software will be more appropriate.. (AP,PoE switch, Server ..etc)

    its must comprise of prepaid ticket etc..or any other ways of authentication

    we need to have full control and statistics also"


    ashley from Mauritius

  • Ashley

    Haven't been involved with the actual equipment for a while as I had some injuries. Anything I suggest would probably be out of date. Re-post it on another thread ( am trying to keep this one for just videos ). Am sure someone will reply. Sometimes it takes a while. Don't know why you couldn't PM me as my e-mail address was supplied originally.


  • General network security info:


  • Coax cable. Note the mention of the velocity factor which relates the speed of propagation of the electromagnetic wave in the cable to that of free space. The white stuff is called the di-electric ( as in a capacitor ). The composition of the dielectric and it?s dimensions are very important factors in determining the characteristics of the cable.

    The 50 ohm value mentioned is not simply a DC resistance, but rather the characteristic impedance of the cable. The characteristic impedance depends upon the series resistance, series inductance, shunt capacitance and shunt conductance. These values in turn depend upon the material composition of the cable components as well as the dimensions of those components ( center conductor, shield, dielectric )


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