• In performing large scale rollouts of any type of satellite, ptp radio or Wi-Fi network etc etc, a pilot network should ALWAYS be set up first. If the equipment is ?brand spanking new? and very few other operators have used it before, a safe test network is a MUST. This gives you time to "play" with the network and most importantly try to discover and resolve any bugs, hardware problems etc. ?Belt and suspenders? approaches rarely leave you in the lurch. I have always tried to do this, but have been overuled a couple of times in the past by higher level non-technical managers and those wonderful people?accountants. In all occasions, disaster followed when systems were deployed all over the country where I was working and massive technical problems ensued. In one case, every single antenna had to be removed and shipped back. I had begged them to let me at least set up one antenna and run a couple of week?s tests on it.

    ?We don?t need that?..I?ve met the president of the company who makes them and he has PERSONALLY assured me that all the antenna specifications are up to International standards?

    ?Besides, these are only a fraction of the price that Andrews are charging?

    Won?t go into the details of how much that fiasco ended up costing.

    Here?s another one:

    Yes, mistakes do get made, but why not do a pilot run of x number of bills on the presses and then check them ? Oh, no?.lets just go full steam ahead and print a zillion of them?oops.

    There will be a million excuses and finger pointing, and "How could we have anticipated this etc etc " but it boils down to the same old thing.

    It doesn?t matter if it?s Wi-Fi, bills, ships or planes, I have seen this sort of thing in so many places.


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