• Put some postings up some time back re outdoor link map and compass use. In particular, true north, grid north and magnetic north. Being able to use a map and compass is an essential skill for any Wi-Fi engineer who installs outdoor links. Was on one large project where one of the engineers had a GPS which failed. He was out in the boondocks and had no idea how to point the antennas. That ended up costing a few bucks. I told him I'd go over the process over the phone using the map and compass which I insisted they always carry. Apparently they "took up too much room", so he didn't take them with him. Pouring with rain, so he couldn't use the sun. Then his phone batteries died. Oh well.....

    Something interesting happened re Tampa airport:

    From the following link a bit more than half way down: ?Another theory is that the rapid movement of the Magnetic North Pole towards Russia may have affected the birds' innate navigation systems?:


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