• Streaming, in principle is a great idea and I prophesied this a good few years ago, but the infrastructure simply isnt p to it yet. You only have to look at BBC iPlayer, you are are downloading 600MB per screening. How many people have truly unlimited bandwidth?

    Look at phone tarriffs goingdown the route of limited, granted some are generous at 3GB, but its a sign of things to come. The UK is terrible. I am lucky and have a Virgin cable connection so speed is very good. But before that I had an up to 8Mb connection and got 2.1Mb on a very good day.

    Also, with the advent of 3D movies and still BluRay, what sort of bandwidth is that going to take! You can see the quality (or lack of) on the iPlayer programs on a decent sized TV (32", not even 60"!).

    Will be an intersesting area to watch without a doubt.


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