• For anyone new to wireless, there is a very important series of posts going on just now:

    There are many decisions that have to be made regarding new wireless installations: Power Over Ethernet, 802.11n, Authentication systems etc., etc.

    Two of the most important arenas at present concern the use of voice over Wi-Fi systems ( roaming, QOS etc ), and the whole subject of controller based vs ?controller-less? systems ( haven?t really gotten rid of the controllers, we have just ?moved? their functionality to the APs mainly and ?gotten rid of? the big box?bit more to it than that, but that?s the gist of it ).

    There are pros and cons with both. Many, many articles have been written about this and will probably go on for a long time.

    Even if you don?t understand all the technical bits and pieces in the discussion, it contains some really important information. Keep a note of it.

    Future purchasing decisions may be based on many of the components of that post. What we are talking about here are decisions to go with a particular design model: Controller-based or Controller-?less?. Some folks have both !! Very important to know all the ins and outs. If it?s Jim?s Auto Repair shop, not so much, but if you are planning a major enterprise system, you have to know as much as you can about both. Finding out half-way through ?Uh..oh?we never thought about that..? can be very, very expensive.

    While it is important for Wi-Fi engineers and technicians to know the nittygritty of ?What is Reverse Direction Protocol and do I need it ? ?, ?How do I use a sniffer to see what is going on in my network ??, ?How many Watts of power will this PoE switch provide ??, ?How do I configure Guest Networking etc ??, one day your boss ( who may not have any real Wi-Fi background ) may say to you ?We?ve just expanded big time and will need Wi-Fi. I?ve got a bunch of vendors here. Something about you need a controller something or another and some other stuff about you don?t need one?what do you suggest ?...bye the way they?re all desperate to take you to lunch??


    ?Uum what ?...I thought you were supposed to be the Wi-Fi guy ?....that?s what we?re paying you for isn?t it ?........?


    This has happened in the past and no doubt will again. One poor guy I knew said he nearly passed out in front of his boss.

    Stick to the technical details. Sales people in Wi-Fi can convince you that two tin cans and a piece of string will work after a sales lunch with ?refreshments?. Avoid that like the plague !! Heed ye well??.

    In ten years, will it be ?Aye controller, we hardly knew ye?..?


    ?You?re still here?.we all thought you were dead !!?, followed by ?Reports of my death have been greatly exagerated..?

    As Joe Friday used to say on Dragnet:

    ?Just the facts ma?am, just the facts?..?

    You tell ?em Joe?you tell ?em?

    Great show. He?s just the bloke you need to find out the real story from the sales people?


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