• Just want to verify that the CWTS is a lifetime cert. I work for the gov't and am taking this exam of my own accord. I believe the gov't will adopt wireless someday and want to be well-positioned to get involved when that day comes.

    I do not plan to go for anything beyond the CWTS, due to the renewal. It would be a waste of money I I went beyond the CWTS and the gov't never tapped me to get involved with wireless. If the gov't taps me, they'll pay for my study materials and cert fee. By then, I'll also have practical experience to help with the studying.



  • By (Deleted User)

    Yes, CWTS is a lifetime certification.

    The US Govt has already adopted Wi-Fi, just not "officially", but it's coming and it's coming fast.

  • Kevin, you're correct. The gov't has "adopted" wireless. I just want to position myself to get in there. I am hoping the gov't will pay for the next cert.

    My test is 19Aug. Was hoping for morning but had to take noon. Have been studying. I tend to do poorly on tests, no matter how well I know the subject. I do tend to second-guess myself. WIll need to make sure I don't next week.

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