• Dave just had to comment my dad was a serious ham, I mean just obscene!!! Over the years of helping him with ?bigger and better? antennas I did learn a few things, until I joined the Navy and was a submarine sonarman. Eventually ended up in cell telephony and then WLAN via being an IT sub and the one thing that kinda always killed me was the way CWNP and all the other WLAN vendors kinda gloss over the antenna thing, like it?s not important or something? I mean every packet is going to be sent or received through an antenna, it?s gotta be as important as the AP or STA right? Wrong, but I get it, how much do guys really have to know to be able to do RF math, and select antennas based on this? It?s my major issue with every WLAN planning tool out there, what happens when you take an omni and install it on a metal wall; can you say 180? directional, and yet even Wireless Valley, I mean Lan planer from Motorola can?t do it right!

    btw Rodrigo the only reason the guys like to post here is that it?s the only satisfaction we get, you know ?living in a van down by the river? and stealing wifi from the local Holiday Inn, isn?t exactly like we thought our lives would be, I thought I?d have gold teeth and a very sexy robot body!

  • In case anyone has not heard of "living in a van down by the river", it's all about broken dreams. Try googling it and watch the wonderful and dearly missed Chris Farley of Saturday Night Live working his magic. Christina Applegate and David Spade are trying desperately not to laugh.


  • Hi guys,

    I kind of lost track of this because I thought I would get an email with a copy of any post following my post. Didn't happened and today I remembered searching for this thread again.

    Again thanks for the explanation. Yeah is true that some of the content is still a little to advanced for my knowledge but even if I don't understand everything you guys post some parts will stay floating until later on I get some more information/knowledge that glues all together.

    I was actually reading more things related to antennas and in fact I had a small crash course in electricity and magnetism to help me out visualise some things. I'm the kind of guy that needs to picture concepts, so analogies are quite often very important for grasping more unfamiliar subjects (like this one). With that said I can say that your reply Dave now is more useful to me :)

    Last, I know how forums work, been there done that. Spent many many hours of my own during the IRC days helping others with Linux, networking related questions. So if I down bow showing my appreciation believe me that I'm greatly thankful for all the souls of this 'world made of bits' that literally dumps knowledge at our door step.

    BTW Dave I get it when you mention that your post had enough information to be useful for a CWDP but my comments regarding the 'teaching style' had to be put in the context that this post in under the CWTS. Anyway it's a reference that stays here waiting to be searched by others.

    Again thanks for all the help you guys give for free (free as in beer!).

    PS: Yes antennas are very important :) in fact they are the 'only' visible element on this invisible world.

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