• Was just looking through my notes and saw that I had mentioned it had taken two months for the chap in the photos below to obtain the correction shown. It actually took about a week, and 2 months to get the spine almost completely straight. One of the landmarks that is used is to observe the differences in the gaps between the left and right sides of the body and the inside of the arms. This shows the ?hip shift? usually caused by a tight psoas muscle.

    I will be discussing three methods that work very well in correcting scoliosis and will show some x-rays of the correction of my wife?s ( Pam ) spine in the posting on x-rays that I will put up later.

    Again, provided the bones have not fused togther, and there are no biological problems such as spina bifida etc, I have never seen a case of scoliosis at any of the clinics I went to that could not either be corrected completely or at least the major portion of the curvature.

    This also affects the neck for all the reasons mentioned in previous posts.

    There has been a lot of material in these posts, but it is essential in understanding how to get PROPERLY analyzed and treated.

    Some interesting statistics in the following ( 50 billion bucks total is not to be sneezed at ) :


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