• If I want to look for, and locate wireless signals at work, which device type is best, a wifi analyzer or wifi optimizer? I'd just need to detect wireless signals, find & ID the source, be it AP or phone. Device type and SSID, as well.

    In the past, I've used Berkeley Varitronic's Beetle Bang wifi optimizer, before they started selling the Yellowjacket analyzer. Both look to be practially the same, but I want to get people's opinions here.

    I'm not so sure I trust BV. I was unable to find a wifi analyzer or wifi optimizer on the web, a few years ago. If anyone knows of other companies selling wifi analyzer or wifi optimizer, that would be great!

  • Exactly what wifi details are you looking for ? Do you also wan't PHY level diagnostics? MAC level ?

    From your post, it's hard to tell. Even InSSIDer from Metageek (free) sounds like it may fulfill some of your desires.

  • looks like he wants a spectrum analyzer that reads WiFi parameters.

    It appears that the new trend is to make add-on devices that display through your cellphone.

  • You could try something like INSSIDER, or even CHANALYZER if you dont mind spending money. Runs on laptops. For a phone, you have your choice of many apps, I use Wifi Analyzer for Android, shows power values, AP's, etc..

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