• I want to start my own WISP, here in southern California.
    My interest lies in using mostly ubiquiti 5ghz equipment.
    I have a ham radio licence and lots of experience in wireless packet, data etc, and antennas etc.
    I have a pretty good knowledge of basic wireless networks, routers, aps etc.
    Where do I start?
    What courses do I need, what books/guides do I need to start with..
    What direction should my study be started in.
    Any help,would be appreciated.


  • WISP or WIPS ?

    A WISP will mean getting some Wireless Local Loop pr Broadband Wireless Access equipment to provide the connection to the customer. I was involved in a WLL deployment in the late 1990's -early 2000s for POTS and dial-up Internet . The system operated in the 1400Mhz band. You must have good RF LOS as vegetation 'ate-up" the signal--high attenuation. The higher the frequency, the more you would find that clear RF LOS is neceaasry. I know that RAD has a BWA solution.

    I gather that a WiFi based solution is also possible. Install dual-band outdoor APs in strategic positions to serve customers 2.4 Ghz for cusomer, 5 Hgzz band to backhaul to you location wher you have the connection to the Internet.

  • OOPS ..pardon my typos in the last post. ..the last sentence should be...."for customers and 5Ghz and.."

    Sincerest apologies to all

  • Another possibility, although not as entrepreneural (sp?), is that there are already companies set up that sell you all the gear, and service as a package. You just collect the royalties.

  • I don?t know anything about running or starting up a WISPs, but look at for a start. This guy covers large areas of Wyoming and Nebraska and can be found on Twitter @mattlarsen, I think he also uses Ubiquiti gear.

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