• I bought the CWTS exam pack for $50 USD. I did the first exam which was 60 questions and scored 73%. I think i'm pleased with my score. I'm quite new to wireless and networking in general.
    I started studying last week. I'm 75% through reading the official Sybex study guide. still got a few chapters to go but i thought i'd risk trying to practice/mock test first to see if it made sense so far.

    How accurate are these questions in the pack compared to the real exam? i ask because I read somewhere that the questions in the CWTS are not scenario based yet the ones in the pack seem to be as they described mock situations where a company was trying to do something or had some problem. Isn't that scenario based?

  • From lots of past experience of exam candidates comparing their practice test scores to their real VUE exam scores, you should score in the 90s on the practice exam before taking the certification exam at VUE. The questions are very similar, but the pressure of answering questions with no deadline in your sweatpants with a cup of coffee and a CWTS book nearby is much different than the dark little room with other quiet people at the local VUE testing center.

  • Not to drag up old posts or anything, but the CWTS test questions are updated right? And as you stated Kevin are very similar to the VUE exam. I have tore this book to shreds from studying, and I am now scoring in the 90's on both test pools offered. Thanks

  • The CWTS practice test questions are inline with the current CWTS exam objectives.

  • Thanks

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