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  • [quote]Yes I will be trying for my CWNA next and on my way to the CWNE. That is my ultimate goal along with expanding on all of my other certs. A+, NET+, SEC+, MCTS. I plan on going as far as I can with everything.

    This is such a great attitude! Well done, and keep climbing!

  • I just passed my CWTS today like Irzani with a score of 86% after studying for 2 weeks. I like the going-forward suggestions made by others in this thread, the practice test had very little correlation to the real one, it seemed like the "too easy" questions and "too hard" questions were mixed on the test, and the just right questions were on the practice test. Don't get me wrong, the practice test was a perfect example of what the test LOOKED like. I used the Kindle version of the Sybex book to prepare, and the tables in that edition are too hard for a fogie like me to see! I'll be googling all those "antenna pictures" next time, too.

    Couldn't have a better Pearson Vue location, 100 yards from my house, LOL! Two CCNA ladies sweatin' it out in there, came in after they did and left before they did, LOLx2

  • Congratz CapnMack and welcome to the CWNP community :))

    Tips for the future exam takers: Google for the pictures of the related devices that have been mentioned in the Sybex book :P~

  • Thanks Kevin Sandlin!

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