• I intend to write the CWTS exam in 3 weeks and i need assistance with the following questions:

    -When using a wireless controller are all the AP's automatically light weight?-If they are, are they not just repeaters and how does this affect throughput?For example if using a controller like the Aruba MMC-5000 Mobility Controller or any other controller for a campus wide deployment:-Are the access points attached to the existing LAN jacks on the campus or are they connected to the controller VIA RF?-If connected VIA RF are these AP's not just extending BSA and thus repeaters?-If connected VIA LAN jacks how does the controller communicate with the AP's? 

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    Bodedun2 - I believe that the AP's are automatically light weight. I would suggest reviewing the definition of repeaters. Because AP's are not repeaters, but the initial broadcast. 

    Then AP's would be connected to the controller via ethernet, and the controller would be connected to the network via your network provider. 

    RF connection is available via bridges, however I believe this goes deeper than the CWTS and is not what you're really talking about.

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