• I have recently purchased the study guide for the now defunct 104 exam. Can I still use this to study for the newer exam or is there too much difference?. Im thinking that there cant be too much difference in the study guide itself.

    Am I right or will i have to bite the bullet and fork out for the latest study guide?

    Any thoughts much appreciated.

  • By Howard - edited: May 31, 2019

    I would recommend you get the most up-to-date study guide.

    Technically, you could pass by concentrating/studying to the NEW exam objectives, but I wouldn't depend on that.

    Just my two cents :-)


  • By (Deleted User)

    I'd agree with Wlanman. You can pass using the 104 guide, but you'd also have to have a really thorough knowledge of 802.11n (which is where most of the new material was added). If you're set on using the 104 guide I'd suggest reading the whitepapers and additional reading notes, using the videos on YouTube, and of course, this Forum if you happen to get stuck. :)

  • I've ended up buying both... I got the 104 ebook a month or two before the 105 ebook came out. The 105 has a fair few extra bits, including 802.11n as has been said. 

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