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  • Today I passed the PW0-104 (on the last day this was possible) exam with a score of 88%, it was my first try and I used the sybex official study guide to do it.

    And now,... CWDP

  • Well done, congratulations, and good luck on CWDP!

  • Congrats!  First time and 88%.  Impressive. I took the 104 last Thursday and this AM (last day).  Still missed it by 7 measily points.  On to the 105.

  • Good job, congrats!

  • I took the exam on the 30th and also passed! Retiring 104 made me finally schedule the exam and push through. Will decide on the next exam after a nice break from studying! 

  • I also passed on the last day of the test with a 80%.  Wasn't as tough as I thought.  The train signal videos were awesome and helped me pass.

    So any advice on the CWSP or CWAP?  Which one should i go for next?
    Does any one have any good advice on Study material (like the train signal videos) for the CWAP?

  • As always,   study to the objectives, not just the contents of the offical study guide.

    For the CWAP - get lots of experience with a Packet Analyser.   And study every spectrum analysis screen shot you can possibly find.   The Wi-Spy 2.4x from Metageek is a really good tool to have too.   VERY well worth the price.

    For the CWSP, get all the hands on you can, and/or get "Implementing 802.1x Security Solutions"   by Jim Geier.  

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