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    Yesterday was the last day to take CWNA exam PW0-104. Many people took the exam on the last day it was available, but many did not use their PW0-104 exam vouchers. So, now what?  First, remember the longstanding CWNP policy: exam vouchers never expire. Exams expire (we prefer “retire) on a regular basis, but we want you to take the exam that you paid to take, so we will always honor an unused exam voucher.  So, if you have an unused CWNA exam PW0-104 exam voucher, we will exchange that exam voucher for a new PW0-105 exam voucher so you can prepare for and take CWNA exam PW0-105.  How do you exchange your unused PW0-104 exam voucher? Email the voucher code to us, and we’ll reply with your new voucher once we verify that the PW0-104 voucher is unused.  As you can imagine, there’s a little backlog of these exchange requests, so please allow a day or two to get your new PW0-105 exam voucher.

  • Will the practice test questions get new updated questions for the PW0-105 exam

  • The official CWNA practice test questions have already been updated for PW0-105.

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