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  • By Valerie - edited: July 16, 2012

    I studied the book and took notes. I took the online practice tests several times, so I was used to the format of the actual test. I went through each of the three practice tests from the book just one time.

    Focus on the Troubleshooting and Site Survey chapters. There were a lot of those scenarios. Everything else was spread out among all the other chapters. Some questions required a very detailed, nit-picky knowledge, but most questions were straight-forward. The multiple answer questions were the toughest. For instance, if the question said "Pick 2" it always seemed to me one was clearly correct and two answers were clearly wrong. But you then had to pick that second answer from two other answers that seemed 'sorta' correct.


  • Congratulations! Well done. You're one of the first to pass -105!

  • Nicely done, Valerie!  What's next?

  • Yeah, I hate those questions but I suppose thats the challenge.

  • Congrats!!! Same here passed the exam 105 on July 19th. It was one of the tough ones (i took my GRE, Masters degree in RF). Until the end i wasn't sure i will pass, but i did. I started my preparation on June 18th and just read the Sybex guide. Read all chapters 2 times and prepared my own flash cards to review at work as well. Took each chapter tests multiple times and the 3 practice tests. Also did some online reading. 

    The only think i advice is that the time. For me i need to kick in my speed towards the end as i had 15 to go in 8 minutes. Also read, more..small details are very important.

  • Congratulations shankar!

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  • Prepping for the 105, does anyone have any handy training aids they might be willing to pass along. When I studied for CWTS I passed along some charts and spreadsheets with information that others were able to use, just looking for the small things that those that have studied and passed might have to assist... Congrats Val and Shankar...

  • X-TombGuard -- the practice tests on, in addition to the resources bundled with the official study guide, are excellent prep tools.  I would also recommend creating your own flash cards for those areas you feel you need to focus on.

    The best approach is to base your study and preparation on the objectives -- if you feel confident that you understand the principles for everything in the objectives, then you should do fine on the test.  Good luck!

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