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    So not too long ago I took the CWNA exam for a second time and scored a 61%. Which while being an improvement over the first time when I scored around a 50%. I sorta rushed to take it the first time during a free retake period last June - July 2011.

    Before taking the exam a second I made sure to have gone through all the exam objectives after reading the textbook through twice making notes as I went. I've read all the white papers on the CD and gone through the 4 practice test on this website a few times. I also feel pretty strong on 2/3 of the flash cards on the CD also.

    Having done all that, I can definitely say that I have a more solid understanding of a lot of the CWNA objectives now than a year ago. And that getting 5 more correct answers on my next attempt is something I feel I'm capable of. I'm just not sure what else I can do to further my grasp I have now?

    So any advice or suggestions is greatly appreciated.


  • Hi Amanishen,

    I have gone through the same preparation method as you for my CWNA. My only advice is to read each question carefully and take your time understanding what is the question asking as most of the questions can be a little bit tricky. That is all what I have. I think with the preparation plan you've gone through you should be fine.
    Go for it , be confident. Good luck!

  • Thanks Ahmad A,

    That's a good point. I know I didn't make a conscience mental note to read each question carefully. That being said, I tried not to rush through it.

  • I found that working with something else having them ask me the questions from the practice exams helped me out.  I'm getting ready to go down this road again as I let my cert expire last year.   
    Flash cards are good but I feel practice tests are better

  • That's a good idea Sbyrum. Would the person testing me have to also understand 802.11 concepts or can they use the flash cards provided on the CD with the CWNA textbook?

  • I had my wife test me before I took the exams, and it was very helpful.  She isn't familiar with 802.11 at all.  I made my own notes as I studied and she quizzed me on those notes.

  • On your score sheet it shows the percentage of correct answers on the exam you took for each of the topic areas.  Study the low percentage areas REAL hard and freshen yourself on the other areas.  I scored a 60 on my first attempt and 2 weeks later on my second attempt I passed.  Work on your weak areas and maintain your strong areas.


    I hope that helps and good luck!

  • By Howard - edited: July 30, 2012

    The key I have found is to follow the CWNP mantra:

    Study to the Objectives !

    There are outside sources (vendors, manufacturers, and text books) that address more of the material needed to pass the exams.  

    There is only so much room in one (CWxx) book.

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