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  • What is a hotspot question? I noticed that there are hotspot questions on the exam and am not sure what that means.


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    The following is on the url listed below. Don't think they are talking about wifi hotspots.

    Take the exam at your confirmed examination time. The exams consists of 60 multiple choice, multiple answer, and hotspot questions. To earn your certification, you must pass the exam with 70%. Instructors must pass with 80%. All candidates will have 90 minutes to complete the exam.

  • Oh, oh, oh...silly me. Wrong hotspot indeed.

    A "hotspot question" is answered by indicatining an area on a graphical illustration. For example, on the CompTIA A+ exam they might show you the ports on the back of a PC and ask you to click on the serial port. A bullseye appears where you clicked to mark your "hotspot" selection. You might also be asked to "rubber band" an area of a diagram to select your answer.

    I assume this is what a "hotspot question" is on a Planet3 test is as well.

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