• When we apply a wireless Lan, we use cisco AP and some terminal with orinoco card. We found problems when terminal was moving. The terminal can not be pinged!!

    There are serval APs in an area, when a terminal was moving in this area, it will suddenly out of WLAN. I mean when I use "ping -t" it will loss some packages!

    Is that the cause of roaming problem? And who knows how to solve this problem? (The AP is FCC, and Orinoco is ETSI)

  • You can contribute this loss of connectivity to a few major things:

    1. APs that are not made by the same manufacturer
    a. Cisco uses a proprietary roaming mechanism. VxWorks used one type, and now the IOS version in the AP-1200s can be configured for L2 Fast Secure Roaming.
    b. Orinoco complies with the 802.11f IAPP draft IF you use their latest firmware

    2. Bad site survey.
    a. wrong antennas
    b. wrong amount of cell overlap (if any)
    c. wrong output power

    3. Slow reassociation & reauthentication against the network.
    a. A busy AP
    b. A bad network design (for roaming purposes)
    c. No preauthentication support on the client

  • I appreciate the quick reply from D

    But I still had questions about it.
    We use the same APs of cisco, but orinoco of client. The roaming problem should not be happen in the same
    brand. should it?

    what is "preauthentication support on the client"?

    thanks a lot!

  • I misunderstood. It sounded to me like you had both Orinoco and Cisco APs.

    My questions now are:

    Which model of Cisco AP, and which firmware?

    Which model of Orinoco card?

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