• I’m in the process of setting up a WNN (Wireless Neighborhood Network) between me and two other neighbors, which are >< 250ft away, using 15db directional antennas attached to Linksys WAPs. In theory I should have no problems but, as you’ll know, theory sometimes is far from reality.

    Here’s my proposed setup. Currently I’m using a LinkSys WRT54G Router/WAP as my home AP. To feed the external antenna I will run a Cat5e drop from my WRT54G to the side of my house (attic) and attach a WAP54G AP to it. I will then connect the external mount 15db gain directional antenna via a 25ft LMR400 coax to the WAP54G AP located in the attic. The same setup will be done at each of my neighbor’s house.

    Question: All connected AP’s will operate on the same channel (6). Will there be any interference between them? or should I assign a different channel to each (1, 6, 11)? Their respective home WAPs (not connected to the external antenna) will operate at a different channel than the ones connected to the antenna.

    Is this the optimal setup? Feel free to comment or provide any suggestions. Thanks.

  • By (Deleted User)

    To answer first question: Channels should be different.

    To answer your second question:
    See if you can do a sitesurvey and find out what other WLANs operating inyour neighbourhood and at what channels they are using.

    This sounds like good setup, keep the following in mind:

    1) It is point to multipoint setup (you are using omini directional antenna.. it confirms that), so your EIRP should be less that 4W.

    To calculate EIRP. Consider the AP output power, cable attenuation, then antenna gain. Keep also in mind that all the cables you are planning to purchase has proper connector types with equla impedence which is 50ohms.

    Post back with hurdles you have come over in implmenting this WLAN.
    Good luck.

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