• Is is it possible to set same SSID name for 2 Access point ?....or SSID should be unique

    Is possible to configure the same SSID name for 2 Access points, and operational modes , frequency channels also same ie., 11a and only non-secure mode
    configured and both AP's are in same network

    and I need to connect my client to that SSID , which i configured for 2 AP's. Where my client will connect ?

    thanks for advance for urs answer.

  • Hi: The 802.11 standard requires that each Basic Service Set (BSS) have and publish in its beacons and probe responses one Service Set Identifier (SSID). (This requirement is violated when the SSID is "hidden", but that is another story.) The same SSID may be used for several BSS's. One or more BSS's that are bridged to one another make up an Extended Service Set (ESS). Typically all the BSS's of an ESS share an SSID which is also called an ESS ID (sic, curiously the space matters).

    In practice client stations are configured to prefer, and seek out, one SSID over others. Using a common SSID across a set of BSS's facilitates a mobile station reassociating as it moves in and out of range of the Access Points (AP) of an ESS.

    I hope this helps. Thanks. /criss

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    Something else to consider is that if you are going to co-locate those two access points you'll want to use non-overlaping channels such as 1 and 11 to avoid interference between the two and also increase your effective throughput.

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