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    I am trying to set up a Wlan with a AP connected to my wired network.

    There are certain area's that I don't want the mobile units to be able to access the network, my plan is to install extra AP's in these areas but not connect them to my wired network and have the handhelds roam to these AP's when they enter the area.

    My problem is that in the non wireless areas I can still recieve the networked AP as well as the non-networked AP.
    What I am looking for is a PCMIA WLAN card that will allow me to set a threshold level so that the card will then roam onto the AP with highest receive level.

    Hope all this makes sense.

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    cna u a bit elaborate on this, forget the power levels or threshold, multiple SSIDs would work here, what is the AP u are talking about?


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