• Hi guys...
    I have made many installations but the last one i have interference issue with normal tv uhf antenna.
    Have a site with D-Link 900AP+ operating in AP mode with 18dbi yagi antenna, client side has USR 5450 with 13dbi vagi antenna, no line of sight but the link work ok with 1.2-1.3mgbit thruput with proper rts and freagmentation threshold and beacon interval time settings,anyway... The client site with USR, i made a box for USR with high rated nema and added a 220volts fan for cooling the USR's CPU (I had many heat issues before with these units,they LOCK! damn...) The fan work ok, but i installed the box and its 13dbi vagi antenna to a uhf-vhf antenna post, (USR box with 220volts fan inside,uhf antenna,and 2.4ghz vagi antenna upper). Now in my apartment there is a man complaining about the video noise in their television, he says there is a few lines going upper and lower on some channels after your installion.(I didn't check the tv,he may be lying). I don't beleive its releated with frequency issue it must be related with 220volts fan working in the box?. Any ideas?

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    i have a simple idea of that this can help you, if the man had complained of video noise in his T.V. set then why don't you try turning off the USR box and try to see if the problem still exist, or try insulating the 220 power supply, or worse he needs to throw away his T.V. set (joke).

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