• I can't determine if the AP that they are using is still a half duplex device. Does anyone know? If it is, isn't the AP going to be the bottleneck on the system regardless of how many channels they can bond together? Is anyone aware of any throughput tests done on the Super G sysetems?

    Thank you,

  • John

    APs are Half-Duplex devices with Switching-like capabilities. They cannot transmit and receive at the same time due to the fact that it is a shared medium.

    Throughput: it depends on Many different factors:

    -How well the Site Survey was done… If any
    -Security & Encryption
    -Data Packet Fragmentation
    -Data Rate Cells
    -Rx Signal Strength
    -Etc, etc…

    It is not meant to replace the speed of Ethernet but rather give you freedom and mobility; which will increase your productivity.

    I hope this helps,

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