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    How can the bandwidth be increased? for a wi-fi network??

    what is the differnce between a point to point and point to multipoint AP's?

    would it be point to point or point to multipoint in our university if there are 3 AP's alltogether on 3 floors. And more then one student can access the connection at a time on the same floor? Please guide.

    Also what is the right way to do it? so that everybody recives enough bandwith

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    bandwidth is a really broad topic...

    1. remove all interfering factors that would degrade signal quality (i.e., do a site survey and build accordingly).

    2. multiple aps, running on different channels within the same area. this would allow for fewer people per ap. more $$$.

    3. proprietary units. not a big fan, but it looks like they are here to stay. almost every vendor has some kind of proprietary setup for speeds that while they work, ARE NOT within current standards. always try to use the same vendor.

    point-to-point, multipoint...

    if you have an ap talking exclusively to another ap, this is p-to-p.

    if you have an ap talking to other aps, as in bridge mode, this is point-to-multipoint.

    point-to-point will always provide the greatest badnwidth becuase the two end aps are exclusive to each other.

    if a client can see multiple aps, this is normal. a client can operate (pass data) through one ap at a time. a client certainly can be talking to one ap while being "aware" of the other aps. you could consider a client-to-ap connection point-to-point.

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