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  • compughter, I take it you do not like Cisco?

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    No I love Cisco. They are not a monopoly just plain smart people. They know how to market and manage technology. They are not a Microsoft and not a Linux but a mixture them a One Stop Shop.

    I can't wait for the Cisco Wireless Mesh Mimo Router ) Once the Mimo Standard is radified late this year. I envision an outdoor/indoor concept that I hope is powered by solar/fuel cells with a few POE/Fiber uplink ports to feed T-1 s of wireless connectivity across self healing networks.

    Watch them put this technology together and mount it across cities. They'll tie in to a backbaul of WiMAX devices 802.16e integrated with the 802.11 g/n devices. Cisco has the edge in wireless, just has to let its people create and do those things that make it more of a reality. I wouldn't mind working for them in the wireless world.

    The immediate need is a wireless bridging device fast that tie into the Airespace controller that way when cities (like Philly) need a solution that is standardized, Cisco again will prove why they are masters at this wireless game.

    My hats off to them and of course BlueSocket, they are using their Gateway in a Cisco kind of way that..leads me to think they are next on the aquistion list.

    Don't get me wrong , the other vendors offer great products, interoperability is key. Cisco when they bought Airespace did that ,now lets see what they do with that aquistion and the visionaries that came along with it.

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    My how quickly SSIDs change in this industry.


  • That was a good call compughter!! I never know where you guys find this stuff out!! With two babys at home, I'll let you tell me what's going on out there :)
    I two am a Cisco guy. Something about all the lights!!

    Thanks for the good info.


  • This is what open standards were meant to do, to be able to use various vendors?¡é?€?? equipment seamlessly.

    CompTia is going to offer an RFID cert later this year.

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    Just when you think ...

    Aruba Networks announced a new multi-purpose, dual-band outdoor access point targeted at outdoor enterprise wireless networks.

    The Aruba 80 is a "fully-hardened" Atheros-based dual-radio 802.11a+b/g AP that can function simultaneously as a WDS-based point-to-point and point-to multipoint wireless bridge. Up to 16 Aruba 80s can connect to an Aruba 80 bridge.

    The new AP will also function as a centrally-managed "thin" Aruba AP and air monitor supporting all Aruba mobility systems features.

    Other unique features include a ruggedized, waterproof aluminum chassis, PoE support, built-in heater, and lightning arrestor. The Aruba 80 comes with a built-in integral high-gain directional (5Ghz) antenna and dual 2.4Ghz detachable antenna interfaces or with single 5Ghz and single 2.4Ghz detachable antenna interfaces. Both configurations feature RSSI meter and 10/100 Ethernet interfaces.

    The Aruba 80 will be available in June at $1,995 suggested list.

    Talk about competitive and that Xirrus product is a killer too.

    I'm dizzy with all the RF changes.

  • Savi tech has been in the space for a while now.


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