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    By the letter of the law in their EULA, you cannot share a Verizon Broadband Access (commercial name for 1xEV-DO) connection.

    Realistically, nobody is going to stop you unless your usage gets excessive. At that point they may force you to upgrade to some kind of business account.

    But you have to ask why someone would want to use wireless Broadband Access as their backhaul rather than a cable/DSL line? They are not competitive in their pricing for the market at large. As the article compaughter linked to stated, this is something to fit the niche market of traveling sales teams.

  • I think they need to get money from who ever is willing to pay. I don't know if Kyocera/DLink would willingly give up the dollars and I think if Verizon had a way to force them to share the costs then the DSL/Cable carriers would already be forcing the manufacturers to share the cost.

    I hope that Verizon will find the efficiency to offer a price that encourages wide spread adoption. I like paying less than $50/month for broadband and would love to see it go lower and become untethered :).

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    Guess it's time to read up more on EVDO - but, that aside - I'd picture the market interests converging and diverging once again as "n" becomes "real", cheap, and prevalent, and the cell once again being relegated to "the slow, but acessible alternative".

    I'm just really sorry to hear about NY. On my last trip there, the taxi driver was spending all his spare airport waiting time (and whenever else possible), accessing verizon wifi with his laptop, and studying for his evening classes. The turnaround in policy that Verizon is displaying equates in my mind to "shutting down all public libraries, and allowing people to pay for the opportunity to sit at a microfiche reader - for whatever film may be available" (ummm - anyone remember those?) It's sad.

    Providing ubiquitous service is key - and, even slow (and, hopefully with EVDO, much less slow) cell is better than the dial up service I currently have in between the times when the farmer plows the field and destroys my phone line all together.

    Here's to progress!

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