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    I am new to to world of wireless. I have been working in IT /Networking for a long time and recently WLAN had impressed me a great extend. I was planning to make a start but didnt know where to start. But looking at CWNA, I think this a right way.
    Can some one please help me identifying which products /brands I can choose from local makket to set up a lab between PCs, Laptops. I need some advice on NICs, PCMCIA, APs, Bridges, etc.

    Any direction will be great help. My budget is approx $100 to $150...


  • Guys

    after doing some search i hav identified following products for home lab.. do u experienced guys think if this is good of are there any other good products (value for money type)

    WRT54G --Linksys Wireless G Broadband Routers - ???¡ê58
    NetGear WAG511 - ???¡ê50
    A wireless PC card - ~???¡ê20

    Is this enough...

  • Try to buy all the components from the same vendor. I have used Lynksys with great sucess on several wireless networks I've setup.

    Some stores sell the bundle: Router, Access point, and NIC. 802.11 G is good but 802.11b better since it is a proven technology.

    Good luck and hope that helps.

  • i may be wrong in but what i understand WRT54G has router and access point as well. do i need a AP in addition to this, i dont think so ?

    also technologies were brough to market starting with b then a and then g. As I understand g is backword compatible with b. That is it supports 54mb and 11mb. am i wrong in my underswtanding...

    one of the reason i am trying to use latest kit is to use WPA/TKIP...
    thanks for tip .. i will try and use same vendor.. that will keep compatibility hasseles to its minimum....

  • I would also recommend to make sure the wireless router/AP has RADIUS support. So when you decided to go for your CWSP, you will not need to purchase another AP that supports that feature.

  • thanks for that tip


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