• I'm just getting in the wirlesss world and have been discussing possible solutions to our wireless needs with vendors. Most have come up with very similiar solutions. Except for one...they were heavily pushing a company call 5G Wireless. The sales pitch was great and got me interested but I'm wondering if that was all it was...a sales pitch. My question is, has anyone had any experience with this company and if so what are your impressions. I have been able to find a very small ammount of information about them on they web so that in itself makes me a little weary. Let me know what you guys think.

    Oh yeah great forum...been reading as a guest for a little over a year now...keep up the good work!


  • Well the website is like 2 pages. I would want to how many customers are up all ready. And if they are deploying WiMAX!!


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    I looked at this as I am currently reading everything about wireless to get a better handle on it, depite being the administrator for nearly 30 nodes and currently looking at specifying a NLOS solution.

    5G appears to be a trade name o I assume the people you spoke to were resellers. They are talking about standard 802.11 systems using proprietry b and g. Tha articles I read offered about 3Mbps over 2 miles.

    It really depends what you are looking for.

  • I too got a slick sales pitch for 5G Wireless. I actually talked to somebody who had one of their systems. What they do is take parts from and put them in a box with an amplifier and lots of tywraps and electrical tape. Then they take several panel antennas and combine them in a splitter!

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