• Hi devin,

    How are you.
    Whats the name of the port that forwards both
    tagged and untagged frames in a swicth.

    Some vendors have support for Virtual Ap's and VLAN
    tagging.They normally broadcast a Primary SSID which is Untagged and the other 15 SSID's that they
    broadcast are tagged.

    To which port of a swicth these AP's are supposed to
    get connected.

    Please help.

    Best regards,

    Wireless Wizard

  • Hi Less:

    VLAN aware access points are typically connected to 802.1Q aware Ethernet switches. Some vendors call these switch ports trunk ports.

    I hope this helps. Can you add your location to your forum profile? Thanks. /criss

  • Hi Criss,

    I beleive that Trunk ports are the one's which can
    switch 802.1q frames alone.Please correct me if iam

    So if a AP can broadcast 16 SSID's ,15 of them are tagged with existing VLAN's and the primary SSID
    is untagged.

    How will the primary SSID which is untagged get switched through the trunk port.

    It seems that a dell swicth has a port which can switch both tagged and untagged frames.

    Is there a port on a cisco switch that can switch both tagged and untagged frames.Please suggest.

    Best regards,

  • Hi S.Senthilraj of India:

    The standard behavior of an IEEE 802.1Q switch is to forward and receive both tagged and untagged frames. Typical implementations treat all untagged frames as members of one virtual LAN (VLAN), the default VLAN, and each tagged frame as a member of the one VLAN identified in its tag.

    IEEE 802.11 does not define the use of multiple SSIDs in a single access point (AP). Proprietary methods use multiple SSIDs to map each associated client wireless station to a VLAN on the Ethernet. Typically a primary SSID is mapped to the default VLAN and no tags are used.

    I hope this helps. Thanks. /criss

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