• Hi everyone,

    I am wondering about using aftermarket antennas with Linksys. When I contacted Linksys, they told me it's not recommended, but of course, I expected that. However, can anyone else provide opinion? Specifically, I would want to use Yagi's between two APs. I would think I would only need to match the impedance to prevent VSWR. Any other concerns?


  • Standard disclaimer: Make sure you are FCC compliant before attempting anything.

    As far as hooking up external antennas to your Linksys, it shouldn't be a problem. When you contact a vendor like Hyperlink they will get you the proper connectors and cable. You are correct that you need to match impedance, but every type of 11 b/g wireless aftermarket equipment is 50 Ohms. If you start adding attenuators and splitters, just buy the ones that have the closest VSWR ratio to 1:1.

    How long of a link do you plan on creating? Of course there are many other factors, but if you can afford the equipment, it is a lot of fun to play around with.

    If you have any other specific questions, let me know. Good luck and have fun!

    GT Hill

  • Assuming I replace the standard dipoles with a single yagi, patch, etc., would I need to cap one of the receiver inputs, or just leave it exposed? If I remember correctly, the firmware allows you disable one, does it not?

  • The AP's I have worked on allow you to disable one antenna, but I don't know about the specific model you are looking at. I would think that a google search would give you that information.

    - GT Hill

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