• Hi guys!
    I have a question here.
    Let's say there are 4 pair of WEP keys that can be configured on the AP and client.
    The WEP keys order on AP and client are:
    AP Client
    1.12345 1.abcde
    2.abcde 2.12345
    3.67890 3.67890
    4.yyyyy 4.yyyyy

    Then I use key #1 as the default transmission key on both side of the AP and client.
    Will the client decrypt data using it's key #2 which has the same key with the AP?
    I wanna know if the order of the WEP key needs to be matched on both side.
    What will happen if the client can only set up with a single WEP key?
    Need your opinion on this.

  • Hi Raul of Taiwan:

    For two stations to communicate with frame protection enabled, their keys and key identifiers, 0-3, must match. It is the responsibility of the key distribution method, whether manual or automated, to make them match.

    Some client utilities only expose the first of four key values. This limits the other side to use only its first key value.

    I hope this helps. Thanks. /criss

  • Thanks for your effort.

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