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    Hey all

    Im currently cranking through the CWNA study guide right now and was wondeirng if anyone out there wanted to "team" up over the net -

    Just sort of a study group to e-mail back and forth with - AIM - etc...etc....

    Ive got a few issues that some people out there might be able to answer and i might have some answered for other folks . . . . Right now im on about page 200 or so . . . I also have some "lab" eqiupment that I can tinker with

    Let me know if anyone is at all interested

    AIM: memprg84
    Group URL:

  • By (Deleted User)

    Hi, am really interested in making an Online IT team in CWNA or any other certs or even just topics as well..
    tell me if its possible to get ur yahoo ID and skype too if u have one so we can get the opportunity to send offline msgs as well as voice talking in skype.


  • Hi

    I would like to join online study group for CWNA , I have prsently covered 4 topic

    email :-

  • Can I join this group? I'm going to take the CWNA exam in next month . My email :
    YIM anhkhoa154

  • I sent you all emails regarding the study group.

  • Me to

  • By (Deleted User)

    Sergioz Escribi?3:

    Me to

    hi pal, dont u have a yahoo mail?
    caz its easier to use, especially the offline feature.


  • I have sent everyone e-mails concerning this . . . if there are any others - feel free to e-mail me at or PM me

  • By (Deleted User)

    hii r3dium

    me too wants to join ur online study grp.


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