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    Hey All,

    Well, I sit the CWNA exam tomorrow, and was wondering if anyone has any last minute advice to offer. I've been studying from the studyguide v3 for about the last month, and am pretty sure I know everything, but I want to be as prepared as possible.



  • Don't fail, heh.

  • - I would read through some white papers for awhile tonight
    - Also make sure you get some breakfast (something that wont upset your stomach)
    - Review some of the concepts you were having difficulties grasping (if any) - Review those an hour or so before the test
    - Ive also read that chewing (or sucking on) spearmint increases your awareness - and Ive heard recommendations to chew some while taking a test (ive never done it so i dont know)
    - GOOD SLEEP!!
    - If you dont pass tomorrow - Dont worry about it - Just study harder and take it again - Dont give up !

  • Chew gum during the exam to relieve tension.

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