• Will I be directly asked questions on items that ARE NOT on the objectives?

    I just don't want any surprises.

    On the exam objectives, knowing the output power of PtP and PtmP links on different technologies, does not appear. Will I be tested on items such as these, which appear in the book, but not in the objectives?

  • Good question that I think many would like to know the answer to.

    The objectives are high-level, but there is a fair amount of detail there. I just went through the exam pools, and there is one question I found that requires that you know FCC rules on PtP/PtMP maximum intentional radiator and EIRP power output. It's not really the focus of the question, but it is mentioned as part of the scenario so you should know it.


  • Not to come across the wrong way, but shouldn't all items covered on the exam be in the objectives, especially if they appear in the book? I just think it could lead to a bit of confusion when an item isn't on the objectives, so you don't memorize it, but end up seeing it on the exam.

  • This information is covered in the study guide, very thoroughly. Again, the question isn't focused on that topic, but it is part of the question. The information in the question is covered by the IEEE 802.11-1999 (R2003) standard which is part of section 2.2.1 of the objectives.


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