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    Could someone please give me an advice or links that explains the following:

    1. What are the devices and tools necessary for setting up a simple 'captive portal'?

    2. Where to get a 'captive portal' software for ordinary windows server platfom (i.e. non-linux platform)?

    3. How to set it up and run with simple wireless residential gateway?

    4. What are the configuration parameters involved for a wireless client PC?

    5. What are the configuration parameters involved for a windows server platform?

    I am feeling that the 'captive portal' is becoming one of the standard ways as firewalls to provide access control for internet connectivity for outside users who visits any business firms (either hotspot location or a large company).

    Thank you.


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    This is a start; there are others out there too. Companies,like Airlok and Bluesocket have wireless gateway appliances that do this type of access control.

  • Hi

    Thanks very much for the link. It helped and I am trying to use it with Cisco 350 AP.


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    Hey Compughter,

    Cisco's BBSM Hotspot appliance is no longer available. BBSM (Building Broadband Services Manager) is available but it's way too expensive for home use.

    I recommend getting a Cisco Airespace 2006 controller and an AP1010 instead. This will give you the ability to add up to 6 total APs, use VLANs/multiple SSIDs, and implement a guest portal via the controller. Very easy to get up and running (about 15 minutes) for the whole solution.


  • Can't seem to find the Airespace 2006 controller on Cisco's site... any chance you'd have a link to it?

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  • Also check out Symbol's WS 2000 wireless switch. It is hard to beat for the price.

  • A more cost effective approach would be the Bluesocket BSC-400 controller - this can be used with either Bluesocket APs or behind any traditional AP (works on re-directing DNS requests and can work on any ethernet traffic), and also provides role-based policy enforcement. Used by almost 2000 organizations worldwide.

    Curtis Waters

  • In answer to the Windows part of your question. Search for Wireless Provisioning Services at You'll find information at Microsoft's website that might interest you.

    Tom Carpenter

  • Colubris MSC-3200 ?¡é?€??HotSpot on a box?¡é?€?? which provides the following in a single box:

    PPoE, Router, NAT, Firewall, Captive Portal, VPN Client, DHCP Server, Local User Database, 802.11 a/b/g radio.

    Also does Multiple SSID, WDS, WiFi Network Neighbor Monitor, Wired / Wireless Packet Capture & Decodes (via separate Ethereal), Indoor / Outdoor version, Single / Dual Radio versions.

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