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  • I just failed this exam with a 66%. Before I get started, I just want to say that I doubt it was the format of the exam that got me, considering I did well in all areas but one. That said, here's my honest review, as promied.

    There WERE questions on the exam that are not covered either in the book, or in the objectives, but most were really straightforward. One such question included VoiP phones, switches, and PoE. However, the detail of the question lied in knowing the capabilities of VoIP phones when incorporated with PoE and AP's.

    Exactly where was this information supposed to be obtained? I wholeheartedly agree that the book cannot be the only source of study, but items like this are ridiculous. Questions like this really aggravate me, especially when I only fail the exam by 2-3 questions.

    What REALLY annoys me is the fact that you are unable to review, check, or otherwise go back and review the exam when you're finished. This is absolutely outrageous. I finished with a little under an hour left. Not being able to check questions for later review makes people sit and stare at one question if they are unsure, because they know they can't come back to it later. No exam I have taken has implemented this, and I honestly don't see the reason to do so.

  • All Cisco exams have changed such that the examinee cannot go back to previous questions. Others are following suit as well. The reason for this is so that examinees cannot use clues from one question to answer other questions.

    I reviewed the VoIP/PoE question to which you refer, but there is no need to know capabilities of any VoIP phone (or VoIP phones in general) to be able to successfully answer the question. The question directly relates to use of PoE.


  • I DID see the agreement at the beginning, I was just upset with it. That's not the reason I failed, I was just expressing my opinion about it. However, if that's how most vendors are testing now, I don't have much choice other than just getting used to it.

    I'm going to read through the book once more, going over a couple of my weak areas, then test again in a couple weeks.

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