• Can someone please tell me what is meant by "non-AP stations" on page 381 sub-section "Hybrid Coordination Function (HCF)"?
    Are they normal client stations? Or does it mean something else?

  • Hi BlueIce of Mauritius:

    Each IEEE 802.11 device is a "station" (STA). Each station is either an "access point" (AP STA) or ... not (non-AP STA). Although the IEEE does not have another name for non-AP stations, they are commonly called clients.

    In the very early WLAN days the IEEE Handbook invented the term "mobile station" in contrast to the presumably immobile access point. Today most clients are as immobile as their access points, and access points mounted in cars and trucks are as mobile as handheld clients.

    I hope this helps. Thanks. /criss

  • Thanks Criss.

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