• I am building a lab to see how the clients/AP roam/react when the signal become weak/intefered.

    How can I simulate the noise/interference signal ? Is there any device allowing me to do so ?

    Thanks for your advice,


  • Vu,
    Here are a few quick thoughts.

    You could use the Prism test utility, which is a constant transmit test utility for Prism and Prism II cards. (See also "Queensland attack"). In the same room the constant transmit will shut the network down, but you may be able to locate the attack far enough away to provide interference. Keep in mind that any close offices or neighbors with Wi-Fi may be effected.

    A microwave oven is tuned to 2.4GHz so that would make a great source of interference. Make sure that you have something in the microwave when you use it, or you can damage the microwave.

    A signal generator, also known as a signal jammer can be purchased on the Internet, but again make sure that it doesn't effect any other 2.4 GHz equipment in the area that doesn't belong to you.

    A room with a bunch of AP's on would also do the trick. Experiment with AP's on the same channel, one or two channels apart, 5 channels apart and so on. Yoy may be surprised that you will usually have better performance with the channels being the same instead on only one or two channels difference.

    Let us know how it works out and even some results!

  • GTHill, thanks a lot. I am going to try them this weekend.


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