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    Does the CWNA official Study Guide 3d edition cover the latest update for the exam ?

    do you advise me to take the exam now?


  • By (Deleted User)

    The CWNA Study Guide 3rd Edition does indeed help prepare candidates for the current (latest) exam.

    Make sure you start with the exam objectives ( which is where the questions on the exam come from.

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  • Hello

    On this subject, I am looking to buy the latest edition (3rd) of the CWNA book to begin preparation for the exam.

    However before doing so I wondered if there was any plans to release a fourth edition / update the exam syllabus in the next few months, before Feb/March 06 time.

    Many thanks

  • By (Deleted User)

    Our goal is to update/upgrade all CWNP exams every 18-24 months. Exam PW0-100 was last updated less than 90 days ago.

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