Hidden SSIDs?

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Last Post: December 3, 2005:
  • With such a good discussion, I just can't resist the urge to post. :) So, I just want to add a reason as to what Ben said about getting your AP off of Channel 8.

    The short end of it is that it will decrease throughput (for you and your neighbors) when in the sea of 1,6, and 11 as you describe. It is better to have AP's on the same channel than to have them 2 or 3 channels apart. If you can't get them 5 channels apart because of your environment, then put your AP on whichever channel (1,6,11) is the least busy.

    This may go against some common misconceptions, but having an AP on the same channel is much better than having them separated by 2,3 or 4 channels.

    If AP manufacturers only allowed channels 1,6,11, the .11 world would be a better place. :)
    Ok, better yet, the FCC allows the U.S. to use 1 - 14 so we could use 1, 7, 14, which would be ideal. Ok, off the soapbox.

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