• Greets all -
    any ramifications to send flyers out to all local businesses and residential residents to offer a "How to secure your wireless networks" flyer??

    Basically have it read something like: "Do you have a wireless network?" "Is it secure?" "Would you like it secure please visit my site or call blah blah..."

    Then I can go out consult and secure the clients WLAN.

    Good idea?
    Pitfalls --??

  • Hi Planzone:

    Would you hire some one "off the street" to secure your WLAN? I don't think I would. Most business is developed by pains-taking person to person referrals.

    I hope this helps. Can you add your location to your forum profile. Thanks. /criss

  • First off -think of this...
    1)My town is small approx 4-5K people and some manufacturing so basically I knwo everyone.
    2)Would I hire them?
    Perhaps if they knew more about a product or a technology then I would (if i was ignorant) then I would at least "try" them. Its not off the street per se' I would have a website that I would refer them to (mine) to list services contact info etc.
    Would you rather have your neigbors ap's wide open for everyone to share? (i woudl come along and make them aware and secure them)
    3)There are many small businesses that have unsecure wireless ap's out there so I wouldlike them to make a ware and teach what it can do upon attack etc. I want to teach the laymen that "Securewireless" in not an oxymoron..

    I appreciate your reply though ....
    Again it was just an idea.
    Anyone else?

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