• I want to buy some access points to study but don?¡é?€??t want to waste any money. I am thinking about a LinkSys WRT54G and an Enterprise class access point but not sure which one. Please let me know what you guy's are running and pictures would be cool.

  • anyone!!!!!!!!

  • I like the Proxim AP4000. It is cheap and it is compliant with 802.11i and WMM. Another good one is a Cisco 1231. A bit more expensive, but then you can use LEAP.

    The Proxim 8480 a/b/g PC card or the Netgear WAG511 a/b/g PC card are great choices on the client side. Intel's a/b/g card (I forget the model number) was recommended to me as well. The Dell a/b/g wireless card is superb.

    In my experience having a switch that does VLANs helps as well. Dunno if that is all that important to CWNA, though.

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    I have Cisco Aironet APs (all kinds that are old, middle-aged, and new) and Cisco Airespace controllers and APs. Plus I've got some other brands that I use as rogue APs and "junkers". Add on some other Wi-Fi stuff like wireless cameras, bridges, antennas, NICs, protocol analyzers, sniffers, etc. and hubs, switches, and routers and it makes for a decent lab environment.

    Disclaimer: I work for Cisco so some of this stuff was issued to me. Other stuff was either given to me or bought from different vendors.


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